Working Visa

Working visas are intended for foreigners who will or have worked in Indonesia. This permit allows foreigners to actively receive income, pay taxes, open bank accounts, etc.

The validity period of the Working Visas is 1 year.

The working visa service that we provide includes the cost of making a KITAS.

Requirements that must be prepared to get a Working Visa, include:
– ID Card and ID Tax of the responsible person of the company (KTP/KITAS)
– Bank Account Statement of Guarantor / Sponsor Minimum 1 month
– Ratification from the Ministry of Law and Human Right of sponsor company / SK Kemenkumham
– ID Tax Registration Number (NPWP)
– Company Registration Certificate (NIB), Business Lisence, Business Domicile
– Passport for Expatriate
– Expatriate Email and Active Phone Number
– Blank Paper with the Company’s Letterhead
– Mandatory Manpower Report (WLKP)
– Expatriate documents, Passport, Photograph of Expatriate with Red background, Certificate of degree guaranted, Email and Active Phone Number, Residential Address in Indonesia, Contract of Work with the Company

Price of a Working Visa is IDR 15,999,000, Estimated 15-20 Working Days

* No additional fees
* Price includes KITAS
* Prices include PNBP of 50 USD
* Prices exclude DPKK of 1200 USD per year