Term & Conditions

Yours faithfully Client Legalyn Indonesia,

In working on legality documents, there is some information that we need to know and the procedure for processing documents also needs to be known, so we arrange these things as follows:

  1. Please first consult the business location, line of business, and whether you already have a company domicile or a business domicile that is in a zoning system in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in DKI Jakarta.
  2. We’ll let you know what permissions your business requires.
  3. We will work on the legality if you have paid according to the invoice we provided.
  4. The duration of the document processing depends on the type of permit being processed. Our team tries to complete it in less than the allotted time.
  5. Client has the right to ask about the stages of progress document processing.
  6. We will inform you of completion per document or when all documents are completed.
  7. Client Legalyn Indonesia is requested to be cooperative in completing the main and additional documents for smooth processing.
  8. Other matters are subject to change at any time according to management PT. Indonesian Business Legal

We made this provision in order to provide the best comfort and service for Client Legalyn Indonesia.